Userlane Portal

The Userlane Portal is the browser component of the Userlane solution. It includes your account settings and everything else you need to manage, customize, and organize your content. The features available are dependent on your user role.

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Here you can manage, organize, and customize your Guides. 

Guides are organized by chapters, similarly to folders on your computer. Guides that are not assigned to a specific chapter are displayed under Unsorted Guides. If you have deleted a Guide, you can access it under Deleted Guides. 


The Announce tab displays all of your announcements. Here you can create new announcements or edit and change the publishing status of current announcements.


The Analyse tab is your analytics dashboard. Userlane's analytics is displayed in three report sections: Overview, Guides, and Announcements. The Analytics section in our help center provides more details on the analytics insights and how they can be used to improve your content.


On the Customize tab you can define general settings for your Userlane Assistant and content. Learn more about the customization options in the following articles:

  1. Guides: Define the behavior of your Guides

  2. Languages: Add and manage multiple languages

  3. Design: Customize colors and design

  4. Texts: Customize button and slide texts

  5. Welcome Slide


Here you can define user and page segments. User segments allow you to target content to specific user groups using a range of attribute options. Page segments allow you to define the web pages on which your Guides and Announcements are available to users. 

My Account

The My Account menu is available to Userlane Admins and Moderators.  It provides access to the following features:

  • Applications: add and change your application's name and URL
  • Integrations: create and manage connections with a knowledge base or collaboration tool
  • Personal: view and edit your Userlane credentials
  • Team: invite users to your Team
  • User: add and invite users to Userlane (Admins only)
  • Attributes: create custom attributes
  • Processes: view a history log of account processes, e.g. user and text import/exports

Access the Userlane Editor

The Open Editor button brings you directly to your underlying application and the Userlane Editor.