User roles

Invite other team members to help you create, edit, and manage your Userlane content. Thanks to the three different user roles you will have control over what they will be able to do:

  • Admin: Has full edit rights anywhere within the application and can manage and invite other team members. 

  • Moderator: Has full edit rights anywhere within the application, but can't invite other users. 

  • Contributor: Has the right to create new Guides or Announcements and manage content that is in draft mode only. An admin or a moderator can then publish the content after reviewing it. 

More specifically, Contributors can: 

  • create new Guides and Announcements in “draft”, but not publish them;

  • access published Guides and Announcements to check the content with the option to copy content from them.

Contributors can't:

  • change the content of live Guides/Announcements and unpublish live content;

  • access certain sections of the Portal to make changes to general settings;

  • save changes to published Guides in the Editor;

  • change the order of chapters or Guides.