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About App Discovery

The Userlane App Discovery helps you assess the SaaS landscape in your organization by revealing the applications your employees actually use. It leverages the power of our browser extension to give you a clear overview of the most frequently used apps from a wide range of popular SaaS tools.

Why should you use it?

The bigger a company gets, the more money and time it spends on various different software applications. A lack of visibility into the actual app and license usage across the entire business is not only hard to manage, but can quickly lead to an exhausted or exceeded IT budget and a higher compliance risk. 

App Discovery can easily find, rank and filter active user applications by software type and country, providing you with a clear overview of your company’s SaaS portfolio.

You're spending a lot on licenses for certain apps, but aren't sure if and to what extend employees actually use them? Let's find out and reduce unnecessary costs!

You rolled out a new application, and want to know if your employees are actively using it? We can show you the level of adoption and where to focus your training efforts.

Different teams in your company use redundant applications for a similar or the same purpose? Consolidate apps and reduce your software spend by phasing out the ones with a lower HEART score.

You're in the final stages of migrating from one application to another, and you're not sure how many users are still active in the old one? We can get the exact number for you.

There are SaaS apps your employees aren't allowed to use? Use App Discovery to make sure they really don't.

How do you enable it?

To start using App Discovery, follow these 3 steps:

1. Roll out the Userlane browser extension to your employees

If the browser extension is implemented already, you can skip this step.

However, if you have been using the Userlane snippet so far, you will need to roll out the browser extension in addition to that in order to use App Discovery.

2. Activate the App Discovery

To do so, go to your multi-app dashboard or the general Analytics settings in the Userlane Portal. You can disable the App Discovery any time.

3. Wait for the results

Once App Discovery is activated, the browser extension will monitor the usage numbers for the most popular SaaS applications. If it observes traffic on one of those apps, the results are shown on your dashboard. 

ℹ️ The Userlane browser extension does not track every page the user visits. It only registers visits to the predefined list of top SaaS applications (e.g. Salesforce, Jira, Trello, SuccessFactors).

How do you get the most out of your discovered apps?

App Discovery will give you an overview of the revealed applications your employees actually used. For each app, you will see how many users have been detected. To get an ever deeper understanding of the usage of these applications, you can: 

  • Turn on HEART Analytics for more granular insights 

To get more detailed analytics for a specific application, simply click the 'plus' icon to add the application to Userlane. We will then start tracking the HEART metrics to measure its user engagement, adoption and retention in more detail, which allows you to identify specific points of action.

  • Improve your application's adoption with our in-app engagement suite

Based on the app's HEART analysis, you can improve individual metrics by providing targeted in-app help and guidance to your employees.

No applications were discovered for my company

If App discovery fails to identify any apps for your company, here are some steps to consider:

  1. Browser extension not rolled out: Ensure that the browser extension has been correctly deployed within your company. If you've only used Userlane snippet until now, this might be the case. App discovery requires a browser extension to function properly. Additionally, confirm whether the extension is installed by most of your users.

  2. Browser extension not updated: Check if the Userlane browser extension has been updated for your users to the latest version.

  3. Company users: Confirm that your users are registered as Company users within your organization.

  4. Application list: Verify if you are using apps from our tracked app list. If you're not finding the apps you need, please reach out to us so that we can enhance our app tracking list.

  5. Custom domains: Contact us to determine if your company utilizes custom domains for specific apps that should have been discovered by App discovery.

  6. User number too low:  We have a minimum user threshold, and if this requirement is not met, the application will not be displayed in the discovered application list. 

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