Data Security & Privacy Principles of Userlane

The security and integrity of all data that enters or leaves any Userlane system are of high value to us. 

We constantly strive to build on our high standards and leverage them to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their business is running in a secure environment. 

We do this by living and fostering a culture that is security-aware and privacy-aware. 

We built Userlane as a privacy-first company because we strongly believe that security and privacy must be a deep-rooted and upheld value of organizations worldwide. 

Our approach to security and privacy is built on the following three principles:

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Data frugality    

Userlane only stores data that is required to deliver its services. 

By default, we minimize the amount of data that runs through our systems. 

Thereby we ensure critical data is neither collected nor processed by us unless our customers explicitly demand it for targeting, analytical or compliance purposes.

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Proven technologies  

We validate our technology choices with industry best practices and vendor compliance processes. 

We rely on languages, frameworks, and systems that are used in business-critical applications by various enterprises and governmental agencies around the world.

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Highest security standards  

We apply high-security standards with every change we make. 

We are aware that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so every choice matters. 

Our culture and values embody the high responsibility we take on.

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