Release Note - New Editing Experience

19 April 2022

What's new

We are very excited to be releasing a completely new editing experience for all our users, the week following the Easter holidays.

The most visible change is that the Editor and content overview are now being displayed more intuitively along the left-hand side of the screen, from where it can be moved to the right-hand side.


  • The new engine will help with more speed on our development and faster and more intuitive content creation for you (preview from step, updated recording button).
  • The new structure that displays the content overview vertically (left aligned) also means that you now scroll down when working on a Guide with many steps. Also, this leads to higher scalability with new content types and functionality to be released soon (e.g. tooltips)

  • Better navigation and organization (search bar, list view, segment info, language publishing info).


Small UI changes for a better user experience when it comes to organizing, searching for, and managing your Guides. 

  • Search function: users will be able to find all existing Guides in an improved overview design.

  • Hamburger menu: Guides will be displayed within the familiar chapter structure where you can delete and duplicate a Guide or jump straight to the Guide analytics within the Userlane Portal.

  • New list view: allows you to display all your Guides, regardless of chapter structure, in a list that can be sorted by status, the date it was last updated, or the title.

  • Re-designed the record button: this will allow an easier recording and scanning of the content.

  • Code selector: has received technical enhancements, including an automated code check which will ensure your custom code is correct and displayed as expected, plus the ability to reselect elements.

💡 Current Limitations (Browser Extension Users only):

Editing is currently not possible in Firefox via the Userlane browser extension. You may not be able to create, preview, and modify new or existing Guides and Tooltips. Our teams are currently working to resolve this issue.

Workaround: Use another supported browser (e.g. Google Chrome) to edit content. 

What to expect? 

Upon beta tests, we have confirmed that the changes have greatly improved user experience and Guide building processes. Thus, the new changes will be rolled out for all our users soon. Stay tuned!

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