User Details and Activities

About User Details and Activities

Userlane can give you insights into the User data that is being passed to us depending on your individual configuration. This data can be accessed in the Userlane Portal.

⚠️ If privacy regulations within your company do not allow displaying such information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to have this option disabled.

In this article, we will show you where to find the data and explain how you can use the data.

Why use it

You can 

  • check if a specific User has completed the Guides.
  • check if a user was “targeted” and, if needed, update the segment so this and other users are included in it. 
  • review user activities, e.g. completed Guides
  • check User information e.g. if you want to validate/test that an attribute you are sending is associated with the user

How to access it

To access the User Details section of the Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Segments > Users section.
  2. You will see a list of Users. 
  3. Note that the list contains a limited number of users, and the total number is displayed above the list.
  4. To view details of a specific User, click on their entry in the list.
  5. The User section is divided into Details and Activities. The Details section provides general user data. The Activities section displays the User's interaction with the Guides.

Below, we will present both of the sections. 

User Details

This section shows some general information on the User (Standard Attributes). It will also contain the data you decide to pass to Userlane in the Attributes (Application Attributes and Company Attributes). 

In this chart, you will find the explanation of the data items.

Customer User ID

This is the ID that is assigned to that user to identify them

If no specific ID is assigned, a random ID will be generated


Shows how the User was created:

  • Unknown: is the default value

  • snippetCustomer: The Customer passed this id via the Snippet 

  • snippetUserGenerated: Userlane player generated a random id (because none was set by customer)

  • browserExtensionSTE: Userlane's end user ID provided by the Browser Extension (with a registered companyUser)

  • browserExtensionMGR: Userlane's browser extension provided the ID in manager mode
First Time,
Last Time Active
Showing the first time Userlane recognized the User or showing the last time Userlane was shown to the user
Application and Company Attributes

Shows additional data that is passed for the User by the client in the form of Attributes.

The difference is if Data is passed via a Snippet (Application Attributes) or a Browser Extension (Application and Company Attributes)

User Activities

The Activities section will show you the Guides the User has interacted with and the ones he is targeted with. The list is organized by Chapters.

User Details activities tab

The list will show you the interaction type of a given Guide:

  • Targeted: means if the Guide is available to that user (User is included in the segment)

  • Started:  shows if the User has started the Guide (not necessarily completed)

  • Completed: shows if the user has completed it

  • Date: shows the completion date

The dots next to the Guide and Chapter titles indicate whether they are published (green) or 

private (gray). 

How to find specific Users and display their Data

The User List shows a limited number of Users, ones who were most recently active with Userlane. 

To display a specific User or group of Users:

  1. Go to User Segmentation

  2. Apply the criteria that are needed to specify the user, e.g. ID, behavior, attributes. You can also have a combination of them

  3. Review the list of users matching the criteria

  4. Click on the User ID

User segment with the users listed below

User Details panel

User Icon

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