Set up your application URL

What it is

The Application URLs is a list of all allowed domains or URLs Userlane should be related to.

Why use it

You need to add Application URLs if you want to

  • be connected to the Userlane Editor
  • track HEART analytics for the URL
  • have the Userlane Browser Extension activated for your Application

Number of Application URLs

The number of Application URLs you can set up is based on your contract. Should you reach your limit of allowed domains, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Please make sure the default URL is complete (i.e. the link can be found) and starts with https. 

Optional: Wildcards

You can also add URLs containing wildcards. Userlane will then run on all web pages that match this pattern (e.g. * accepts or

How to set it up

The URL of your application should be set in the Userlane Portal.

First Setup

After Creation of the Account, you will be prompted to add an Application URL

  • when creating your Userlane Account
  • if no Application URL was set before, when first time clicking Open Editor 

Adding or Changing Application URLs

In the Portal, select Settings from the Application dropdown, then select Application URLs in the left sidebar.

Set up a Default URL

Within the Application URLs you can set one Default. 

The Default Application URL will automatically be opened when you click the "Open Application" button in the Guide section or for redirecting your users when they start a Guide with a link.

A Default Application URL can not be a wildcard.

ℹ️  If you trigger a Guide via a link, users will be redirected to the default URL. If you would like to redirect your users to different URLs, check out our Share Guides directly with a link article.

Implementation Difference

Browser ExtensionSnippet
Userlane will only show up for URLs that have been added as Application URLs.
The Editor will not show for wildcard URLs.
Assistant will show for manager after inviting oneself as end-user when using wildcard URLs.
Userlane will also show up if your URL has the snippet implemented but the Application URL has not been added.
However, you will not be able to 
  • see the Userlane Editor
  • track HEART analytics

Application URLs with HEART

The Userlane HEART Analytics, if activated, will work on the URLs added as Application URLs. 

If you have many subdomains for your application, by adding a wildcard, you will instruct HEART to be active on any of them. 

Example: Instead of adding,, etc., you can just add a wildcard: * and it will activate HEART  for any URLs ending in .

For more details about managing HEART, like activating URL exceptions, please check this article

How to disable a URL

To disable an application URL, go to Settings > Application URLs and disable the toggle for the specific application. 

ℹ️  Disabling a URL applies only when Userlane has been implemented using the browser extension. If you have implemented Userlane via the JavaScript snippet, your Userlane content will still be accessible to your users.

How to delete an Application URL

If an Application URL is no longer needed, you can remove it by deleting it.

Delete Application URL

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