Get Started

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Userlane Portal
Discover the Userlane Portal and its powerful features for customizing your DAP tool. Manage your guides, messages, view your analytics and administrative tools.
Set up your Account
Gain account access, book a demo, and set up your Userlane account. Get started with application URLs for seamless integration.
Set up your application URL
Learn how to manage and configure Application URLs in Userlane. Set up default URLs to track analytics and to enable the Userlane Browser Extension.
Userlane Editor
Create interactive content with Userlane Editor. Open, record and edit engaging Guides, Tooltips and Tags and explore its functionalities.
Userlane Assistant
Optimize user navigation with the Userlane Assistant. Enable menu options, customize avatar, and enhance user experience. Switch Userlane on/off, hide it for specific users, and target application areas. Discover versatile tools for seamless guidance.
Manage your Team
Discover how to manage your Userlane team settings and permissions. Gain insights into the different roles such as Admin, Moderator, and Contributor. Find out where you can invite Team Members.
Configure 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Boost security with 2FA for Userlane Manager Users. Enable and configure easily for added protection.
Single Sign-On for the Userlane Portal
Login to your Userlane Portal with Single Sign-On for easy and secure access.