Rolling out the new Userlane Browser Extension to all users

The following article is addressed to organizations that have rolled out the Userlane Browser Extension to their employees. If you have implemented the Userlane snippet in the underlying application, no changes are required.


We have built a new Userlane Browser Extension to create a safer and more enjoyable browsing environment for our end users. Adhering to the most recent extension architecture guidelines introduced by Google, known as Manifest v3, our new Browser Extension comes with an improved performance alongside heightened security.

What is Manifest v3?

Google introduced a new framework for the development of browser extensions, known as Google Manifest v3. This framework is designed to enhance the privacy, security, and overall performance of browser extensions. It is scheduled to be implemented in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge by the end of 2024. Meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox has already incorporated support for extensions based on Manifest v3.

If you want to get into more technical details, access the following documentation link from Google. 

Upcoming changes

The new Userlane Browser Extension is a security and performance upgrade. This upgrade will not impact any existing user workflows.

Migration process

Throughout the summer of 2024, we will gradually introduce the upgrade to all of our Browser Extension users, paying close attention to their feedback every step of the way. The upgrade procedure is designed to be smooth and hassle-free. Users selected for the rollout will have the upgrade automatically installed by their web browser.

However, there might be instances where the latest upgrade does not get installed:

  • If you are using an outdated version of your web browser, or
  • if your organization’s IT team has not yet allowed the Userlane Browser Extension upgrade to its users.

That is why we created a checklist you can share with your IT team to ensure a smooth rollout of the new Userlane Browser Extension.


1. Use a supported web browser

The following web browser versions are supported:

  • Chrome: 88 and above
  • Edge: 88 and above
  • Firefox: 109 and above

The Userlane Browser Extension will not work correctly if you use an unsupported web browser version.

2. Review the Browser Extension Update Management Process of your organization

Some organizations manage the time when the latest browser extension updates are deployed to their employees. For example, they schedule these updates to happen weekly. As a result, it could take additional time for the update to be available to you.

To ensure a smooth upgrade process, we recommend you allow the Userlane Browser Extension to receive updates once they are available in the web browser stores.

If you have any questions about any Userlane Browser Extension requirements, reach out to your CSM anytime.

How do I know if I use the latest version of the Userlane Browser Extension?

Access the settings of your web browser and navigate to Extensions. Check the version of the Userlane Browser Extension:

  • version 23.x.x: you are using the old Userlane Browser Extension
  • version 30.x.x: you are using the new Userlane Browser Extension

What happens if I continue to use the old Userlane Browser Extension?

Userlane will stop supporting the old Userlane Browser Extension in September 2024.

The old Browser Extension may still work beyond September 2024, but we won’t provide any technical support for it if you encounter any issues or bugs. Based on the Manifest v2 support timeline documentation, Google will stop supporting Manifest v2 Browser Extensions in Q4 2024/Q1 2025. 

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