Userlane Partners with Microsoft for Secure Infrastructure & Hosting

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šŸ’” Userlane's availability is guaranteed to exceed 99.5%. We regularly achieve higher uptime and the live status as well as historic data can be viewed on Userlane's Statuspage.

Why we chose Microsoft Azure

Userlane decided to work with Microsoft Azure to ensure the strict security and compliance requirements of our enterprise and public service clients are met and allow us to provide a scalable, frictionless service at a global scale.

Userlane is a certiļ¬ed partner of Microsoft.

By joining forces with the industry leader Microsoft, Userlane can rely on a proven security architecture: Over 3,500 dedicated Microsoft cybersecurity professionals help protect, detect, and respond to threats.

All of Userlane’s databases, application servers, and network infrastructure are hosted by Microsoft Azure.

By relying on Microsoft, Userlane can leverage signiļ¬cant investments that have been made towards the security and compliance of data centers:

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