Best Practices

Guidance and tips for planning and structuring effective content.


How to create a solid user segmentation concept
Enhance user experience with segmentation for targeted content. Understand how it works and create effective user segments based on roles, departments, and more. Learn how to personalize your content and optimize engagement. Examples and recommendations provided.
How to structure your content
Maximize the value of Userlane and save time with clear and structured content. Learn best practices for goal alignment, content structure, and user feedback.
How to onboard users effectively
Learn how to effectively onboard your users for maximum results! Discover the key stages of successful onboarding, from product learning to value realization. Find out how to engage, habituate, enable success, and showcase your product's value. Don't miss this guide to optimize user experiences and drive customer satisfaction.
How to build successful Guides
Discover how to create effective and user-centric Guides. Set clear goals, tailor content, and engage users. Follow the checklist for comprehensive coverage.
How to create a good Announcement
Learn how to create effective Announcements for your application. Set a clear strategy, target the right audience, and use concise content. Combine with Guides for optimal results. Examples provided.
How to create good Tooltips
Enhance user experience with tooltips: choose hints or beacons, combine with announcements/guides. Boost engagement, optimize forms, explain errors, and position icons strategically.
Best practices for setting up your NPS Survey
Unlock valuable insights with NPS surveys in your app. Follow these 4 tips from Userlane to optimize your NPS setup: unchanged question, reminders for non-responders, flexible end date, and targeted user segmentation.
Userlane go-live checklist
Before going live with Userlane, use this checklist to cover all the essentials. Understand the features, customize settings, ensure visibility, offer support, and activate Userlane seamlessly.
Alert notifications
Understand how Alert Notifications in Userlane offer quick feedback on user errors. Troubleshoot effectively and optimize guides for a seamless experience.
Guide Checklist
Optimize your Guide's functionality, content, and engagement! Check clear goals, segment users, ensure stability, and interactive elements. Learn more here!
How to create good Tags
Track and improve digital adoption with Tags in Userlane. Connect to HEART analytics for insights. Set up Tags with ease and analyze user interactions. Learn more now!
How to use Regular Expressions for Data Validation
Discover how Regular Expressions validate data, enforce formats, and improve accuracy. Examples provided for common use cases. Enhance data quality with Regex!
Directing your users to the right pages
Unlock insights with Userlane: Review app usage, promote correct pages, monitor changes. Optimize user experience effortlessly.