Release Note - Analytics Data for more than one year

04 January 2023

What's new?

We have expanded the time frame for the Analytics data. Now, you have the possibility to see data back since you were with us.

Earlier this year, you could only see the last 6 months of data in analytics. Last quarter we expanded it to 12 months. We have listened to your feedback and we want you to have enough information to evaluate Userlane's performance, so we have expanded the time frame to all time. 

We are adding the “All time” option to see all the time data. This will be helpful to reflect on the longer time period on how Userlane adds value as well as to see your content’s performance for a period longer than a year.

How to find this?

Go to your Userlane Portal > Analyze > Click on the calendar dropdown > All time.

What has changed?  

  • In the analytics date picker, now you have the “all-time” option

  • If you select this date range and have more than 1 year of data the graphs in the analytics will show years 

  • Predefined time periods: current, previous month, last 3, 6, and 12 months, and all time 

  • In the “custom” option you use the date picker to define a custom period in which you can go up to all time. 

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