Userlane Content Types

With Userlane users can learn and complete a specific task or process without requiring previous training. 

Userlane overlays the application, guiding the user through an end to end process. 

Process Tracking

To better understand what processes need additional support, you can measure the usage of the specific elements/features in your application by using Tags.

Create the tracking in the Userlane Editor.


TagsUnderstand if users are able to successfully complete predefined processes
  • Create a Tag in Editor

  • Track its performance in Task Success on the Portal


Share messages directly on your application at the right time via the Userlane Assistant.

Create messages within the Userlane Portal.


update Users on important update, process changes  or reminders

Add additional content, such as images, guides, links

  • Create messages on the Portal

  • Track performance in Content Analytics 

Standard SurveysAsk users questions about application functionality or content
NPS Surveytrack your user’s loyalty and opinion based on how likely they are to recommend your app
Welcome Slidewelcome new users to the Userlane Suite within the external application


Provide your users with information and instructions to successfully complete processes. 

Create and maintain this content in the Userlane Editor.

GuidesGuide your users through processes step-by-step within the external application
  • Create in Editor

  • Maintain in either Editor or on Portal

  • Track performance in Content Analytics 

Tooltips - Hintsexplain an element to help users complete a process
  • Create in Editor

  • Track performance in Content Analytics 

Tooltips - Beaconshighlight an element by drawing the user's attention with the help of a pulsating icon

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