Fixes and Improvements - March

Portal improvements


  • The “All Guides” table export includes a list of Guide names and their corresponding Guide IDs.


  • UI improvements of loading and empty states as well as numbers format and illustrations.


  • The Portal now uses uniform UI hero boxes and buttons.
  • Our analytics wording has been simplified. All calculations remained the same.
  • Our csv export has totals added to it.

Editor improvements


  • We have updated the design of toggles and dropdowns in the Editor.
  • The speed of Autofill (step type: Specific value input) will adjust based on the length of the text.
  • We have provided under-the-hood improvements to the Editor to help us develop features connected to Tooltips faster and more efficiently.


  • A new Guide step design was released to enable end users to interact with the underlying application more quickly and easily
  • The Editor has received the following design updates: dark color update and new slide toggle sizes.
  • We added a "View Analytics" button in Tags List view to access the Portal and the Task Success page easily.


  • Tooltips with icons can now be used inside iFrames.
  • Tooltip content can now be targeted in context to the underlying page with the help of Page Segmentation
  • Userlane will display an error alert for each active Tag if Advanced Analytics is not enabled.

Technical improvements


  • You can now record elements located inside an iFrame located inside a shadow root.
  • We have updated our Code Selector Engine to handle better elements located inside Shadow DOMs.
  • Improved debugging process for Browser Extension issues connected to iFrames.



  • Language codes are now displayed correctly in the activation choice.
  • The "Users" metric now matches on both the Retention and Engagement pages.  
  • You can see the NPS analytics even if you do not have HEART turned on.


  • Prevent a created tooltip from overriding another tooltip name.
  • Display Tooltip when in Preview mode.
  • Userlane will show an error if you try to create a Tag with a duplicate name.


  • Screenshots of the reselected elements are now shown in the exported PDF.
  • Screenshots of the elements located on different pages from where the Guide was started, are now shown correctly in the exported PDF.
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