Release Note - Copy Guides between multiple applications

05 December 2022

What’s new

There is good news for customers who manage multiple similar applications.
We are very excited to announce that Guides can now be copied from one application to another that you have access to.

When to use 

  • In case you are using a staging environment before any new version release, you can copy the Guides over to the live environment. This allows fast activation and avoids mistakes in production.

  • If you use separate Userlane applications for different language application versions (e.g. salesforce Asia versus Salesforce US), now you can create the Guides and copy them over. 

  • If you manage multiple accounts for a dedicated application you are able to copy some Guides over to another application to speed up the Guide creation process.

Where to find it

You can access this new functionality from Portal > Manage > Guides > Single action menu.

ℹ️ This is not applicable to self-hosting customers. 

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