Fixes and Improvements - September

Portal improvements 

Customization & Design

  • Before, we only displayed the title of the message in the Messages table. Now, we show both the name and title, making it easier to identify Messages.
  • We've introduced an app switch to simplify app management for our Managers on the multi-app dashboard.
  • On your multi-app dashboard, you can now view and manage your global settings.
  • We updated some illustrations and wording in the Portal.

Scalability & Performance

  • Our new Analytics settings page is out! It's a page that combines all the Analytics privacy settings in one place. Previously, you had to navigate through each property individually to enable HEART analytics.
  • We now show how many Tooltips are using a User Segment in the View usage column.
  • We’ve improved the success and error bar in the Portal.

Technical improvements

  • We have upgraded our Portal authentication service to a newer version.

Editor improvements


  • The Hint and Beacon icon position is calculated faster now (after each interaction with the underlying application).
  • You can now publish a Tooltip in all languages with a few clicks either from the List view or from the Edit mode.
  • When recording a new Guide or Tooltip, the recording is now always started in the default language set in the Portal.
  • The Editor now goes to the last step you saw when exiting the Preview mode.
  • If steps with Skip conditions are delayed (for example for heavy web applications) and their corresponding elements can be found on the page, the delay will no longer be applied.


  • We changed the Editor buttons to follow the Design System.

  • The Editor now uses the word “archive” instead of “delete” for Guides.

Technical improvements

  • We have improved the stability of the Player/Editor tech stack with a major infrastructure upgrade.



  • Historical HEART URL data now shows parameters better (meaningful content after the “?” character).
  • We fixed an issue where the UI was blinking while the user was typing a segment name.
  • We fixed some discrepancies between the preview of an Announcement and how it was shown in the actual Player.


  • We fixed an issue causing a step to be skipped too quickly if the “Skip if the next element is found” condition was enabled.
  • We provided additional stability improvements for the Cross-Origin-iframe support.
  • We fixed an issue causing the Editor to stop working without a valid session.
  • We updated the layout in the Assistant if Passive Mode is enabled.
  • We fixed a focus issue when editing the code selector of a Tooltip.


  • We fixed an issue causing end users to be logged out from Userlane (Browser Extension - SSO) when using Firefox.

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