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Userlane Content Types
Discover the 5 Types of Userlane Content: Guides, Tooltips, Announcements, Pop-Ups, and NPS. Create engaging content with Userlane Editor and Portal
Userlane Editor checklist
Userlane Editor not visible: Check these points to make sure it is accessible.
Working with images
Enhance Userlane Content with Images: Increase engagement, discoverability, and branding. Check the supported file types..
Refine the selector
Why use it Refine selector to configure element selection in Guides, Tooltips or Tags. By refining it, you can ensure it accurately finds the desired element. The features available in the " Refine selector " section provide the necessary...
Supported ISO codes for Content Auto-Translation
The auto-translation feature in Userlane DAP supports the following ISO 3166-1 codes