Customize colors and designs

Under Customize you can style the Assistant your way, so it matches your branding, company identity and culture. 

Keep in mind: The Design settings will affect the whole Assistant. This means that if you e.g. change the color of a button here, you'll change the colors of all step buttons in all of your Guides.

Global customization

Under Customize > Design you can make changes like:

  • changing the Assistant avatar, e.g. logo of your company, a question mark (View our Working with images article for more details on image file recommendations.)
  • changing the color of infoboxes
  • changing the color of buttons
  • changing the color of additional hints
  • changing the color of tooltip icon
  • changing the corner radius

You can define a color in two ways:

  • Add a Color Hex Code to the field

  • Type the color name

Where to find it?

To customize the colors and designs of your Guides, go to Customize > Design in the Userlane Portal.

✅ Do you need to make more changes?

Userlane elements (size, position, etc.) can be modified by using CSS (Cascading Styles Sheets), in case it's required to adjust more than is available in the Userlane Portal. Keep in mind though, that you are responsible for this type of implementation and its maintenance. Please talk to your web developers to implement those additional changes in your webpage's code for Userlane elements. 

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