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About Surveys

Understanding how well users adopt your application is at the core of Userlane's mission, and the ability to measure user satisfaction plays a key role in this.

This tool allows you to ask any question and publish multiple surveys simultaneously across different pages and user segments within your application.

Userlane Survey popup prompt message

With the new emoji-based scale, survey participants can easily provide feedback by selecting one of 5 emojis representing different sentiments. The leftmost emoji corresponds to the lowest rating, and the rightmost to the highest. This user-friendly, easy to use system allows for quick responses, encouraging engagement and a high participation rate.


Overall, the process is similar to setting up an NPS Survey or an Announcement.

To create a new Survey for your app, go to the Messages page  in the Portal and click on 'Create a message', then choose the Standard Survey option.

Userlane Portal Mesages section where Survey can be selected

Then enter your question and the score labels, as well as the ‘Thank you’ message for your users.

You can translate the Survey into other languages by switching the Language.

You can decide who should participate in the Survey by setting up a dedicated User Segment. If you want to display it on specific pages only, select a Page Segment. You can also specify the activation date of the Survey and how often you want to send reminders to users who haven't responded to it yet.

Userlane Portal Survey editor section with all the options visible

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