Measuring the Net promoters score (NPS) in-app with Userlane

Measuring the Net promoter score (NPS) metric is the key to understanding your user’s belief about your application. Sending the NPS survey via email requires a lot of manual setups and the response rate tends to be lower. It is time to move your NPS to where your users are - inside your application.

What is NPS?

NPS is a recognized method to track your user’s loyalty and opinion based on how likely they are to recommend your app. Answers range from 0-10 and they are distributed in 3 groups:

  • Detractors: If responses are from 0-6, then these users are called detractors, they are not satisfied and could potentially share their negative experiences with the others around them. 

  • Passives: If responses are from 7-8, then users are passive and they have a neutral feeling towards your product. Passives are not unhappy, but also not likely to recommend your app. 

  • Promoters: If responses are from 9-10, then users are promoters and they enjoy using your app and tend to recommend it to others. In the B2C case, these users are likely to purchase from you again. 

ℹ️ NPS score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of your detractors from your promoters -> NPS = % of Promoters – % of Detractors.

Why track the NPS with Userlane? 

Userlane now provides you with the tool to set up and automate your NPS. Asking the right user at the right time directly in the application is a process that provides higher response rates. With Userlane you can target the survey toward a specific user group. We do all the calculations for you and are able to track the NPS over time, read users’ comments and filter out the results by user segment. 

Set up

To set up and activate your NPS go to Announce > NPS.

NPS survey operates like an Announcement, it pops up for the user automatically and Userlane collects and counts the responses and you can see the results for you in your Analytics, under the Analyze tab. 


Easy automated setup to collect users' opinions in 6 months cycles

No need to manually set up a new NPS survey every cycle. With Userlane you have the one NPS that you activate and it automatically works in 6 months cycles. The NPS question will disappear from users upon responding to it. Then, those users will be asked again automatically in 6 months. With this setting, you can track if a user’s opinion has changed over time. 

 ℹ️ NPS will run in cycles until you deactivate it or until the end date is reached.

Automatic reminders for users that have not responded 

NPS will remain in the Announcement list in the Userlane Assistant if a user did not respond yet. You can set up a reminder for every month or every 3 months to nudge those users and the NPS will pop up again.

 NPS Analytics Page

You will be able to see your NPS score, under your Analytics page as well as any trends, about the score going up or down over time. Also, you will see the comments that users left for improvements. For better understanding, you can apply existing user segments to all the responses.

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