Create and activate NPS

Why track the NPS with Userlane? 

Userlane provides you with the tool to set up and automate your NPS. Asking the right user at the right time directly in the application provides higher response rates than e.g., doing so through email. With Userlane you can target a specific user group with the survey. We do all the calculations for you and are able to track the NPS over time, read users’ comments and filter the results by user segment.


To create an NPS survey for your app, go to the Messages menu in the Portal and click on 'Create a Message', then choose the NPS option.

NPS survey behaves like an Announcement, it is displayed for the user automatically. Userlane collects and analyzes the results, which you can view in your Analytics.

NPS Assistant popup


Easy, automated tool for collecting users' opinions in predefined cycles

With Userlane, you activate a single NPS survey which is displayed in predefined cycles. The NPS survey is hidden from users once they respond to it. These users will be targeted automatically again in the new cycle.

repeat NPS survey option showing dropdown of every 6 months

 ℹ️ NPS will run in cycles until you deactivate it or until the end date is reached.

Automatic reminders for users that have not responded 

NPS will remain in the Announcement list in the Userlane Assistant if a user did not respond yet. You can set up a reminder with desired frequency to nudge these users, so the NPS pop-up is displayed for them again.

reminder option for every 3 months


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