Userlane go-live checklist

Use the checklist to make sure you are considering the most relevant topics before going live with Userlane on your application.

1. Understand the difference between the Userlane Portal and Editor 

With the Editor, you build your Guides directly on your application. In the Portal, you can customize, manage, define settings and structure your Guides and Announcements. 

2. Define a structured concept 

The very first step before building Guides is to define your goals and create a clear content structure to reach them. Avoid going straight into recording without planning before. 

3. Make sure Userlane is implemented

4. Style Userlane your way

To ensure Userlane matches the way you present and talk to your end-users, you can adjust Userlane so it matches your brand.

5. Visibility of Userlane

To ensure Userlane is shown where and to who it is supposed to be shown to make sure to check these settings.

ℹ️  If your Assistant is not visible to your users, have a look at this checklist!

6. Languages

Define in what languages your Guides and Assistant should be available.

7. Content & Communication

Make sure you have everything set up and have a clear plan on how to engage your users.

8. Offer support to your end-users

Make it easy for your end users to receive support and easily find what they need.

9. Activate Userlane 

Last but not least, make sure Userlane is switched on.

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