Fixes and Improvements - June

Portal improvements 

Customization & Design

  • We updated the UI of the Guide section (previously Manage section). Visual changes include a new hover state that aligns better with the overall appearance. The "Promote" action can now be found in the “more” dropdown. Buttons have been replaced with our design system component.

  • We improved the Engagement graphs on our HEART page with a few minor wording updates.


  • The "Messages" section got an update. Apart from viewing announcements in the table, you can now access your NPS (Net Promoter Score) and, in the future, your surveys as well. Release note.


  • You can now export the user list from the "Users" settings page to CSV, which helps you to keep track of pending users and determine who needs to be invited again. The user table is now paginated. Additionally, you can also export the "Team" section to CSV to monitor which apps your colleagues can access. Release note

Editor improvements


  • Tooltips are now displayed correctly when attached to elements positioned in fixed containers.

  • You can now use appendToTarget inside the code selector to group a content type (Tooltip) with the target element. For more information, check how you can further refine element selection with the code selector.


  • Several UI improvements that bring the Editor in line with our design system.

Technical improvements

End User API

  • We added a query parameter for lastSeenAfter to allow customers to pre-filter the API query by users active after a certain date. This generates a faster and more targeted data export.


  • We have improved the performance of the Assistant.



  • Fixed wrong URLs in the Alert email and in the Error log.

  • Fixed the Disabled button when adding an integration.

  • Fixed duplicate URLs in the Adoption table, as well as the sorting issue on the same table.


  • We fixed an issue that was causing the Editor to crash under specific circumstances.

  • We fixed an issue that was causing the Editor to crash when no action key was selected for any specific value step type.

  • We fixed a redirect issue connected to the Analyze button.

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