Tooltips (Beta)

What are Tooltips?

Tooltips allow you to explain elements of the underlying application. 

Tooltips offer a great way to add explanations to an element within the application for your users. They provide descriptions or explanations for their paired element, without the need to use other lengthy manuals or further documentation.

This means additional valuable info will be shown when hovering over the respective element, assisting users in clarifying what needs to be done in the application and reminding them of what something represents or how it works.

ℹ️ Use Tooltips to support users whilst they are working, by informing them what happens next, what something means, or how something works without disrupting the workflow.

Who can create a Tooltip?

There is a single Tooltip edit mode so you can create, save, edit and publish all in one view in the Editor.

Admins and Moderators can create, save, edit and publish Tooltips in the Editor. Contributors can do almost everything, except that they cannot publish tooltips, edit or delete tooltips that are already live.

Tooltips are fully functional and here to stay. For now, they are launched in Beta, which means that we are still adding and tweaking functionalities. 

Record a Tooltip

There is no need for anything to be activated in the backend, it’s all done for you and ready to be used.

To record a new Tooltip:

  1. Select Tooltip from the Create dropdown in the Editor. If you are already on the Tooltip tab, you can simply click Create.
    The Editor is minimized in the bottom left of your screen. 
  2. Select the target element for the Tooltip, e.g. a button, input field, or menu. A description input box displays.
  3. Type a helpful description of the element.
  4. Define the settings. You can add an Icon, you can reselect an element if needed, and choose the language (publishing options). The language publishing options for tooltips are available directly in the Editor.  


    Check out this article for more information on Managing Languages with Userlane.

    5. Save the Tooltip


ℹ️ Tooltips are available for all EU-based customers. The roll-out of the tooltips feature to US-based customers will follow shortly.