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About Default Texts

Your Userlane content should match your organization's style and branding. Userlane has one area (Customize > Texts) for you to manage default texts.

By default texts, we define any generic texts that are already offered by us, like buttons' texts (e.g. next, back, skip), which you can adjust according to your needs, anytime in your Userlane Portal.  

ℹ️ Keep in mind that any changes to the default texts would be applied to your whole Assistant and will affect all step types of the adjusted type.

In this article we cover


Why use it

  • to match your style
  • to translate default texts easily


Who sees the Default Texts

All your users see the default text for any Userlane content type (e.g. Guides) when it appears for them. 

Example: This is the overview of the First Slide. The First Slide always appears at the beginning of a Guide. Thus, any Guide currently shows this button with the content "Let's Go", but you can edit this text in case you prefer something else. 


Content Types

Content Types that can be adjusted under Customize > Texts

  • Explaining Steps
  • Interactive Steps
  • Any Value Steps
  • Specific Value Steps
  • Others
  • Assistant 
  • Announcements


Translating Default Texts

You can either translate them directly within the Userlane Portal or export all texts and translate them in bulk under Customize > Languages.

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