Fixes and Improvements - May

Portal improvements 

Customization & Design

  • The Beacons color can now be set in the Portal.

  • General step-related improvements in the Design section to better reflect the latest stepbox interaction improvements.

  • We implemented a new datepicker in the Announcement and NPS builder. 

  • Login pages got redesigned.

  • All radio buttons in the Portal are now using our standardized design system component.


  • We now show the complete view number in the Announcement analytics table, previously it was cut off due to a set limit.

  • The NPS responses table now has the “items per page” option, so you can select 100 responses per page for easier export. 

  • Deleted Tags and Tooltips can now be shown in the Analytics section.


  • We removed the “Delete” button from segments that are used in active Tooltips to avoid content creators from accidentally deleting a segment that is still in use.

  • Deleted tags now have a “deleted” label in the Task success page.

  • We have removed the “Interactive Tour” input field.

  • Small wording changes. 

Editor improvements


  • Beacons disappear only after the end-user interacts with them. Managers will continue to see them in the Editor mode.


  • We have refined the permission system for the Tags creation process.


  • In the list view, you can now visualize the Chapter a Guide belongs to by hovering over the Guide.

  • Guides in the Editor are now linked to their corresponding analytics page in the Portal.

  • The Preview button for Guides is now available at the bottom of the Editor.

  • A new sidebar design has been released.

Technical improvements

User Authentication

  • We improved our passwordless authentication via Browser Policy by allowing the use of various parameters for either openURL or a token authentication.



  • Fixed the NPS response export; the user response was down in multiple rows.

  • Fixed the bug where the "Open application" button did not open the URL setup page in case the application has no URLs added.

  • Fixed the bug in the “Adoption” table where the percentage of users on the page was wrongly calculated.

  • Guide ID was missing from the Manage section, so we brought it back.

  • Fixed the bug in the Retention page. Some applications had 0 for daily and multiple times a day.


  • Fixed an issue where the Userlane Avatar was positioned outside the viewport when added on the right side of the screen.

  • Steps are no longer recorded twice within Same Origin iFrames.

  • Links are no longer getting cut in the Announcement popup (when the Announcement is pushed for the first time).

  • The property icon now fits the Editor bar.

  • Footer buttons in the code selector view are now aligned to the right.

  • You can now scroll again in the RegEx view (specific input value type). 

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Tags and Tooltips from being saved on certain pages

  • Current tutorial element is refreshed every 500ms to avoid “step not found” issues for iframes/dynamic content.


  • We fixed the broken links and images from the Error alert email.

  • We updated some texts used in the Browser Extension.

  • Fixed an issue where Properties were still seen by Manager Users after being removed from their Company.

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