Promote your Guides

Why use it

With the Userlane Promotion feature, you can highlight important processes and features of your app in a Guide. The users will see a pop-up next to the Userlane Assistant avatar and can decide if they directly want to start the promoted Guide or close it for later.

By using guide promotions, you can 

  • increase user engagement, 
  • improve user understanding and adoption of key app functionalities, 
  • provide a valuable and guided experience for your users. 

It helps users discover and navigate through the app effectively, ensuring they make the most of its features. Ultimately, guide promotions contribute to enhancing the overall user experience and maximizing the value users derive from your app.

Activate a Guide Promotion

You can find this setting in the Userlane Portal under Guides

Speaker icon that promotes the Guide next to the Guide title

Within your Application it will look like this:

You can adjust the text for the Promotion under Customize > Texts.

Visibility of Promotions

The underlying algorithm is based on the following criteria: 

  • Only one Promotion is shown at a time.
  • If two promoted Guides target the same user group, the one with a page segment takes priority.
  • Promotions can also occur for public Guides in private chapters.
  • Users can start, close, or continue using the app when a Promotion appears.
  • Once a promoted Guide is started, it won't appear again.
  • Promotions won't repeat on the same page without reloading.
  • If a user doesn't start a promoted guide, it waits at least six hours before triggering again.
  • A promoted Guide can appear up to three times for non-starters, or two times if closed actively.
  • Resetting an active Promotion brings it back for users who started the Guide.

Best Practices

  • Use page segmentation in combination with Promotions to highlight the most important and valuable feature on a specific page.

  • Don’t activate too many promotions in parallel for your users, especially not for the same page segment. 

  • Regularly change the content you’re promoting to create a fresh, valuable experience for your users.

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