Fixes and Improvements - January

Portal improvements 


  • We updated the multi-app dashboard so that applications that have been disabled in General Settings are not shown there.

  • We updated the text to make the explanation for the Activate Userlane toggle clearer.

  • We removed the info box on the API Token Page explaining which applications have the API Token enabled as this is now enabled for all by default. 

  • We increased the available space for Guide titles on the Manage page to make it easier to read and recognize longer Guide titles.

Stability & Performance

  • We updated how we calculate Announcement views so that total views on the Announcements Performance page matches that of the Content Analytics overview page.

Technical Improvements

  • We updated the logic for the ‘is one of’ and ‘is not one of’ data connection types when creating user segments so that entered values are lowercased and the behavior is aligned with all other data connection types. 

  • We improved the Guide behavior when consuming content located inside pop-ups and modals with scrollbars.

  • We added additional logs to the Browser Extension Options page to help us debug issues more easily.

Editor improvements

Performance & Stability

  • We optimized the way in which Userlane handles elements located inside cross-origin iFrames. We have added additional support for elements located within an iframe that is part of another iframe.

  • We improved Userlane’s performance in underlying applications that rely on long URLs.



  • We fixed an issue where unpublished Guides were available in the dropdown to link a Guide to an Announcement

  • We fixed an issue where users were directed to Announcements instead of Standard Surveys from the ‘View Usage’ page for Languages.

  • We fixed an issue where Moderators could see the HEART scores of applications where they did not have access in the multi-app dashboard.


  • We fixed an issue where Userlane was breaking a functionality available in the underlying application.

  • We fixed an issue that was causing Guides to break on certain web pages.


  • We enhanced security by updating our NodeJS framework and tightening our checks, along with implementing automated solutions to ensure our platform stays up-to-date.

  • We enhanced the verification process for setting up enterprise search integrations (such as Confluence, SharePoint, Zendesk, etc.), ensuring a more reliable connection by thoroughly analyzing the response content beyond just confirming availability. This improvement ensures that our integrations not only connect but also function as expected, offering a robust and dependable search experience.

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