Directing your users to the right pages

Why do it

AppDiscovery and HEART allow you to better understand where your users are spending their time and what applications they are using.  

Should this not be the application you expect them on or actually an application you do not want them to use anymore, it is time to action upon this and direct them towards where they should be.

Here are the points you need to consider for this process. In this article, we will touch upon each of them in detail:

  1. Review and understand
  2. Promote the correct pages
  3. Show value of the correct pages
  4. Monitor change

1. Review and understand

Before getting started: 

Review the applications your users are using. 

  • Should the applications not be used at all?
  • Should the applications be slowly phased out? 
  • What users should not be using these applications? 
  • Do you have any idea why these applications are (still) being used?

In this context please also review any previous communication on why certain application should not be used.

  • When and how was that communication done? 

How Userlane can help:

Discuss with the Customer Success Manager your findings, so you can discuss next steps to ensure you can get the most out of any further insights and analytics.

With our Survey functionality you can ask for more in-depth information why users are using a specific page by asking e.g.

  • What do you find most valuable in using [name of the application]?
  • Why do you use [name of the application]?
  • What benefits do you see in using [name of the application]? 

Follow these steps: 

  1. Create a Page Segment for the URL of the application you want more insights on.
  2. Create a User Segment if you only want to target a specific User group.
  3. Create a Survey with a short question.

2 . Promote the correct pages

Make a decision based on your findings on how to proceed:

  • Do you want your IT to block access to certain applications? If yes, please reach out to them directly.
  • Do you provide alternatives to the used applications that should be used instead? 

How Userlane can help:

You are clear on why users are using a specific page but you want to redirect them to the correct area. 

We strongly recommend using a combination of both an Announcement and a Tooltip to make the user aware of what you would expect them to do.

With an Announcement  you can inform the user and also give them a clear call-to-action, e.g. 

  • We moved to [name of the application] for improved functionality and better user experience. Follow the link and get started.
  • Important Notice: We regret to inform you that the use of [name of the application] is no longer permitted due to [reason]. To ensure compliance with our policies and regulations, please discontinue use of the application immediately. 

Follow these steps: 

  1. Create a Page Segment for the URL of the application you want more insights on.
  2. Create a User Segment if you only want to target a specific User group.
  3. Create an Announcement with a short information. The Announcement can also include a link. 

A Tooltip can be additionally used to ensure this information is also being shown when, e.g. hovering over a Login button and can also include a link to the correct area, e.g. 

  • Sorry, [name of the application] is no longer available for use. Please use this link: [URL of new application]
  • Switch to our new internal app for a smoother and more efficient workflow! Explore now: [URL of new application]
  • Discover the superior features of [name of the new application]!

3. Show value of the correct pages

On the correct pages, show its value by 

  • creating an Announcement guiding them through the page
  • make use of Tooltips, Guides, Announcements and Surveys to 

Also make sure that internally the correct pages are communicated clearly and regularly, e.g. via newsletter, meetings. 

4. Monitor change

To make sure that the above measures show results, you will need to check the analytics for your applications. 

For this specific purpose you can check the Adoption rate that is part of the HEART analytics of your application. 

Filter the URLs that were visited for the specific applications and compare the change within different time periods. The expectation is that the target application will have an increase in user visits.

Find out more about the Adoption score in this article

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