Data flow with the Userlane Editor

When using the Userlane Editor, there are additional data flows. 

This applies to both the JavaScript Snippet and the Userlane Browser Extension.

A Userlane diagram illustrating the data flow of creating content

In addition to the data fields recorded by the implementation method, the Editor records these fields:

Recorded data field

Element Selectors - potentially including

  • Node type

  • All node attributes (id, name, role, class, and others that are set on the element)

  • Number of parents, siblings, and children

  • The same is also for all parents

  • The text content of the highlighted element during the recording

To generate selectors that allow Userlane to highlight the same element again in the Player. The text content might be used as a fallback if there is a complex element structure (e.g., dynamic CSS-IDs) for the highlighted element.
URL of each step
To identify which page each step was recorded on.
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