Editor overview

Who can use it

The Editor is the primary tool for content creators and testers but all user roles (Contributor, Moderator, Admin) can access this feature. 

Start the Editor 

From an application, open the Editor via the browser extension menu or via the Start Editor button in the Userlane Assistant. The Editor opens with the Guides tab displayed by default.

Record Guides

To create a Guide, click Create New in the top bar. The record mode captures every click you execute and automatically creates a step. You can easily add steps to a Guide if needed later. Click through the process you would like to guide your users through. You can add the text and change other options later.

Recording modes

There are two recording modes to help you capture flows as easily as possible. If you need to pause the recording to make any adjustments to your screen between steps press the ALT key (or Option for Mac users).

Edit Guides

To edit an existing Guide, click the Guide title. You can change the example title and text of a step directly in the window of the recorded step. You can also adjust the settings of this step. The available options for the step are located right next to the step box. If you want to edit a published Guide, you will need Moderator or Admin permissions.

💡 Current Limitations (Browser Extension Users only):

Editing is currently not possible in Firefox via the Userlane browser extension. You may not be able to create, preview, and modify new or existing Guides and Tooltips. Our teams are currently working to resolve this issue.

Workaround: Use another supported browser (e.g. Google Chrome) to edit content.

Step options

Reselect Element
Here you can reselect the element. This is useful if you have selected the wrong element by accident.

Here you can change the preferred alignment of your step box. This is where the explaining text box should be shown. You are selecting a preference only, as the optimal position can differ depending on your users' screen size or visible elements.

Code Selector
The selector gives you access to the source description of the selected element. You can adjust it manually.

The Skip option allows you to make specific steps of your Guide optional for users.

This determines how a user proceeds to the next step of the Guide. They can either press the "next"-button or interact with the highlighted element. 

Page Reload
Set this option to ‘Yes’ only if the user action opens a new browser tab for the application. Userlane closes the Guide in the current tab without triggering an exit or an error, and opens the Guide in the new tab.

This deletes the selected step.

Record Tooltips

To create a Tooltip, click on the arrow next to Create New in the top bar and choose Tooltip. 

The record mode captures the click you execute and automatically creates a Tooltip. 

Tooltip options


You can either display the Tooltip with an icon or without an icon. You can also customize the displayed colours. Learn here how to do this.

Search for content

You can search for Guides by typing the title, subtitle, or chapter name in the Search input field. You can also change your list view to display Guides by chapter or as a chronological list. If you have several Guides, you can click a column header to sort your Guides by title, status, or date, making it easier to locate a specific Guide, at a glance.

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