Editor overview

If you have a Userlane account, you can access the Userlane Academy to get a solid overview of the Editor.

Start the editor: Open the editor via the browser extension menu or via the Start Editor button in the Userlane Assistant. Choose a Guide or record a new one. 

You can use the Editor to:

  • Record Guides

  • Edit Guides

Record Guides

To create a Guide, click Create in the top bar. The record mode captures every click you conduct and automatically creates a step. You can easily add steps to a Guide if needed later.

Just click through the process you would like to guide your users through. You can add the text and change other options later.

Edit Guides

You can change the example title and text of a step directly in the window of the recorded step. You can also adjust the settings of this step. The available options for the step are located right next to the step box.

Step options

Here you can reposition the selected element. This is useful if you have selected the wrong element by accident.

Here you can change the alignment of your step box. This is where the explaining text box should be shown. You are selecting a preference only, as the optimal position can differ depending on your users' screen size or visible elements.

The selector gives you access to the technical description of the selected element. You can adjust it manually.

The Skip option allows you to make specific steps of your Guide optional for users.

This determines how a user proceeds to the next step of the Guide. They can either press the "Next" button or interact with the highlighted element. 

Interaction (prevented/allowed)
This feature enables you to either restrict or enable a user's ability to interact with an element. You can use this when the “Next” button is activated in the option above.

Page Reload
Set this option to 'Yes' only if the user action opens a new browser tab for the application. Usually, it is set automatically when Userlane detects a page (re)load. Userlane closes the Guide in the current tab without triggering an exit or an error and opens the Guide in the new tab.

Click "Language" to choose between the languages that you set up. Here you can add different texts in the respective language.

This deletes the selected step.