Adding media to your Guides

Why use media

Adding media to a Guide step has various benefits:

  • Content Enrichment: Give your users additional information, tips, tricks, and/or examples. Link to knowledge articles, other relevant websites, or another Guide.
  • Increase Understanding: Visualize abstract processes or concepts that may be difficult to explain through text alone. Use images, videos, to preview the end results to help users grasp the content more easily
  • Attract Attention: Use images, videos, or gifs to capture your user's attention in a specific step or slide.
  • Branding: Use your personalized videos or images to position your product.
  • Gamification & Motivation: Welcome your users with an introduction video, reward them with a GIF, or simply make them smile. 
ℹ️  Remember that you are responsible for the content that you share. Ensure that you have the copyrights or permissions for the media elements you use.

How to add and delete media

  • To add a media item to your Guide step, click on the "+" icon on the step to see the media options. 

Add media icon

  • to delete media, click on the delete icon on the step.

Delete media icon

What can be added

You can add one media item to each step in a Guide. There are four types of media you can add:

Info BoxThis media type allows you to highlight important information relevant to the context of the step. You can use an info box to provide a top tip, a warning, or any other noteworthy details.
LinkAdd a link to an additional resource such as your help center, another Guide, or an insightful blog post.
ImageImages can be added via URL or file upload.
Please learn here more about recommended file formats, sizes and resolution per use case.
VideoYou can add a video by URL. The URL must be publicly accessible or if choosing private option, the setting to embed the video elsewhere must be enabled and that embed link should be used.
Example for using the URL from an embed video code, only the underlined part is relevant to Userlane:

Multiple language versions

If you have more than one language available for a Guide step, you can choose to apply this media to all languages versions. Enabling this option will overwrite existing media items in other languages, regardless of the media type.

If you delete a media item, it is removed only from the language version in which you are currently working.

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