Support Response Times SLA

Depending on the selected support package, the response times differ: 

1. Standard-level Support 

For all support issues relating to Userlane Production Tenants, Userlane will make efforts to respond promptly to all tickets submitted through Userlane’s designated support channel, in any event within two (2) Business Days after receipt.

2. Priority-level Support

Userlane will provide the following technical support response commitment for all Production Tenants: Response Commitment is the maximum time within which Userlane will respond (via Userlane’s Support Channels) to each support issue reported by the customer during business hours.

Incident Levels and Response Times

Incident LevelResponse Commitment

Severity Level 0 (Service Unavailability)

Customer experiences complete loss of Service

Sixty (60) minutes

Severity Level 1 (Severe Issues)

Customer experiences a severe defect or configuration issue with the Service that materially impacts Customer’s business in a negative way relating to issues that don’t qualify as Severity Level 0.

Two (2) hours

Severity Level 2 (Delayed Performance)

Customer experiences transactional and operational slowness in the Service relating to issues that don’t qualify as Severity Level 0 or 1.

Eight (8) hours

Severity Level 3 (Routine Requests)

Routine Service support requests relating to issues that don’t qualify as Severity Level 0, 1 or 2.

Two (2) days

3. Remedies for Breach of Response Time Commitments

If Userlane fails to meet the response time commitments above, the customer’s exclusive remedy and Userlane’s sole obligation will be: (a) for Userlane to make efforts to respond promptly after the customer notifies Userlane that it failed to meet the relevant response time commitment; and (b) if Userlane fails to meet the relevant response time commitments three (3) times during a calendar quarter, for Customer to terminate the applicable Order Form and receive a refund, on a pro-rata basis, of any Fees paid for the Production Tenant(s) that are unused as of the termination effective date.

4. Customer Duties

Issues regarding customization or regarding the functionality of specific guides may require the customer to complete a network assessment, and/or give Userlane access to the Customer’s network, in order to diagnose the issue.

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