Fixes and Improvements - October

Portal improvements 

Customization & Design

  • We introduced a new design for our registration and magic link pages. The designs are now aligned with our login page layouts. Our input fields are optimized to seamlessly integrate with all password managers.

  • We merged the two separate pages for User segments and Page segments into one. A single table now displays all your created segments and allows you to filter them by segment type.


  • We added missing help documentation to several pages in the Portal.

Editor improvements


  • We implemented several general improvements to better support recording inside Cross-Origin iFrames.

  • We improved the stability of the auto-translate feature for long Guides.


  • We updated several Editor buttons to follow our Design System.

Technical improvements

  • We implemented various improvements to remove the flickering when a Tag or Tooltip is deleted in the Editor list view.
  • We unified the logic used for Page Segmentation and the URL Exceptions List.



  • We fixed a bug that returned the wrong usage number for user segments in the NPS builder.

  • We fixed several UI issues.


  • We fixed an issue causing the RegEx generation process to throw an error under specific circumstances.

  • We fixed an issue causing drop-downs in the Editor not to close after they were clicked.

  • We fixed a UI issue connected to the way in which the search icon was positioned in drop-downs.

  • We fixed an edge case where the Welcome Slide couldn’t be closed.


  • We fixed a bug where translations for Indonesian could not be uploaded via the language import.
  • We fixed a bug where special characters in application attributes like German umlauts were not being lowercased in the backend.
  • We fixed an issue causing the Browser Extension not to load the available Userlane applications under specific circumstances.
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