Alert notifications

Alerts indicate that an error or errors are recurring on a specific step in your Guide. They can provide quick feedback about a change in your app or in the HTML code that affects Userlane. Alerts are triggered whenever an error on a step meets the default error threshold of five occurrences within an eight-hour period.  If you want to adjust these settings, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. We define a high error rate as 25 - 30%. 

When an alert is triggered, we will notify you via email (starting from April 8th, 2021) but you can also see it directly in your Guide overview in Userlane's Analytics dashboard or Editor. If you don’t see any alerts, then your Guides are working perfectly fine.

ℹ️   Any update to a Guide resets its alert notification even if the cause of the error isn't resolved.
ℹ️  The emails are sent only once after an alert was triggered for a step. They will not be sent again until the Guide has been updated and a new alert gets activated. 

Troubleshooting errors

Here are some steps to help you effectively handle alert notifications:

Investigate the source of the errors

First, identify the step that triggered the alert in one of the following ways:

  • Click Open Step Details in your alert notification email. This displays the Step Details page in your dashboard.
  • Go to Analyze > Guides in your dashboard then look for the alert symbol under Individual Performance. Click the alert symbol to view the Step Details page.
  • Open the respective Guide in the Userlane Editor and click through it until you get to the step with the alert symbol.

Once you identify the trigger step, you can determine how to resolve the cause of the errors.

✅   Errors can be in the alert trigger step or in a previous step.
Look for issues in the current step
  • Open the Guide in the Editor. Does this step highlight the right element? Due to some updates to your application, Userlane might not be able to find the right step anymore. If this step cannot find an element on the page or highlights the wrong element, simply choose the Reposition option to change the highlighted element for this step or you might also want to consider simplifying the selector, so it only captures the specific element.
  • Are the step options appropriate? Maybe this is an explanation (Next) step that allows user interaction in the highlighted element, but should be prevented instead? Maybe there is a wrong SkipIf option active?
    For more guidance on choosing the right step options for your Guides, see the Editor Overview article.
Check the previous steps
  • Maybe the issue is caused somewhere else - e.g. your users are led into the wrong section in one of the previous steps. This might trigger the alert in the current step. If this is the case, simply reselect the wrong element. You can also increase the stability of this step by ensuring that the selector always picks the element with a specific content (for example a specific menu button).
  • If Next-Button steps are not found, the error system will skip them and only trigger an error on the first interaction step that follows them (e.g. Left-Click Step). This means that the error might have been triggered a number of steps before the step that is marked with the error.

Check your settings in the Portal

Check all your settings, including segments and language settings for your chapter and Guides to ensure all are set correctly.

Errors caused by account setup

If you cannot identify the cause of an error on a step and the Guide works perfectly for you, consider that the issue may be related to user accounts or your segmentation concept. Your users might have different account characteristics, for example, a trial user account might not have access to some sections or might have a limited number of menu options or buttons. Test the Guide for accounts with different limitations to make sure that it works for all of your users. If you find the issue, you can adapt the Guide by adding a content value to your selector or using other step options like skipIfs. Another possible solution is to adjust your segmentation concept to ensure that this Guide is only accessible to those users who actually need it.

Test the Guide on different browsers

Test the Guide in different browsers that your users might use (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari). Is the issue only appearing for specific browsers? Every browser is a little bit different. Try choosing the bigger element by using ‘change positioning’ or by manually adjusting the Userlane selector (technically advanced).

Other causes of errors

Errors may be caused by issues unrelated to your Guide setup, for example, an Internet outage. You can make a small update to a Guide and save it to reset the alert and determine if the problem recurs.

If the issue persists, contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to the support team via our contact form if you have an existing Userlane account. We’ll find a solution together!

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