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About Adoption

The goal of any application is that (expected) users are coming to it and that they use it widely. The user number is the key metric you need to measure. With the Adoption Score, you can see how many users arrived and you can track this number compared to the ratio of the expected number of users. 

Why use it

Adoption signals the extent to which an application is used. You will be able to understand if your users are declining or if they are remaining stable or growing. Also, with this metric, you will be able to understand your application’s coverage and how widely users use it.

A low adoption rate that users are only working with a limited part of an application, leaving significant potential for additional productivity untouched.

A high Adoption Score has big impact on your business results: 

  • Higher app ROI
  • Higher productivity

How is it calculated?

A score
Average of App Coverage and Users Goal Reached
Users Goal reached
Ratio of unique users in the selected date range to expected users
App Coverage
Ratio of unique pages visited in the selected date range to unique pages visited all time
Users growth rate
Ratio between unique users in the current selected time range and the previous period
Number of users
Number of unique users in the selected date range
Users on the page (url table)Number of unique users that visited the page in the selected date range
% of users (url table)Ratio of unique users that visited the page to all unique users in the selected date range

Best Practices

Here are our Tips for the Adoption Score: 

1. Set an Adoption Goal

Add the expected number of users, so you can track the adoption. This could be e.g. based on the amount of licences you have for an application.

You can change the goal at any time.

2. Understand the adoption 

First check how many Guides are actually in use. If you have only 1 guide it's not a mystery why the number would be low.

It could also be that the guides are not good enough/important features are not covered.

3. Improve onboarding

Send users an email to invite them into your application. 

4. Create awareness and promote underutilized features

Promote Guides via Announcements or add more links that open Guides in convenient places.

Integrate your resources into Userlane.

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