Fixes and Improvements - December

Portal improvements 


  • We updated the Create an Announcement page. Now, it matches the Survey page.
  • You can now search for Segments you wish to add to an Announcement.
  • You can now edit the search hint text in the Customize section

Editor improvements

Performance & Stability

  • We have added the version number to the Editor.
  • When visualizing a step within a Guide, users can scroll through the whole element as long as it is visible on the screen.


  • You can now edit the Guide title from the Editor.
  • We have updated the Guide title, Tooltip, and Tag name field designs.
  • We have updated the Tooltips-related icons from the Editor.

Technical improvements

  • We fixed an issue causing the SSO initial setup not to run for US-based customers.
  • We updated Node.js to the latest version for multiple services.
  • We added the Options section in the Browser Extension. It provides you and our team access to relevant browser configuration information for debugging purposes.
  • The Browser Extension can now load Userlane if the accessed URL's domain and path parameters match the URL set in the Application URLs list. For more information, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.



  • We fixed an issue where NPS response rate calculation could lead to a score of over 100%.
  • We fixed an issue where images were not being shown in the Announcement builder for US clients.


  • We fixed an issue causing the Editor to crash if “appendToTarget” is added to the code selector when refining the selected element.
  • We fixed an issue causing Userlane to block specific actions in popups.
  • We fixed a user segmentation-related issue causing linked Guides to Tooltips not to be shown to users.
  • We fixed an issue causing the “Skip if next element is found” condition not to work correctly under specific circumstances.
  • Userlane displays the empty Tags section correctly if no Tag has been created.
  • We fixed an issue causing page segmentation to fail if the condition contained subdomain and path parameters.
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