Fixes and Improvements - April

Portal improvements 


  • We removed the "show 200 rows” per page option from the tables so that it doesn't affect the performance.

  • We added pagination to the Announcement and Guides analytics tables so that it doesn't break while loading many items. 


  • We added the Announcement ID to the CSV download.

  • We improved the Welcome Slide buttons.

Editor improvements


  • We added a maximum width for Tooltips.


  • We improved Tooltips analytics to only track those that are available in the main viewport of the user.


  • We reviewed and improved the Editor user interface of the Regular Expression tab in the Specific Value Step type.

Technical improvements


  • We implemented a few under-the-hood improvements that allow Userlane to load much faster in the web browser.

  • Userlane now requires fewer resources (MBs of data) to run.

  • We added additional property configuration information to the troubleshooting page of the Browser Extension.



  • Fixed a loading issue on the Retention page.

  • Fixed some cache issues, so that no cache refresh is needed after smaller text updates. 

  • Fixed an NPS response export issue.    

  • Fixed an NPS builder timezone issue so that the builder doesn’t break for customers in a different timezone.

  • Fixed an issue with the Platform analytics not loading when a user segment was selected.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong publish date was shown for Announcements.

  • Fixed an issue in the color display of hints (Tooltips and Beacons).

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a language did not work.


  • The list of available page segments is now correctly shown in Tags on smaller screen resolution.

  • The Editor no longer crashes when editing the Code Selector.


  • The NPS is no longer animated while the user is typing in the text box.

  • Fixed an issue in the registration of new Manager users.

  • Fixed an SSO SAML authentication issue.

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