Share Guides directly with a link

Use a link to direct your users to a specific Guide.

How to copy and use a link

⇨ Start this Guide to learn where to find the link to trigger a Guide.

You can use this link for all your users; when clicked, they are redirected to the default URL that you have set up in the application settings. The linked Guide starts at the default URL.

How to trigger a Guide on a different URL

You have 2 options:

  1. Add this to the link: "?redirectTo=thespecificURL". Replace thespecificURL with the URL where you want the Guide to start.

  2. Add "?userlaneStart=12345" to your URL. Replace the number 12345 with the ID of the Guide you want to trigger.
    ⇨ Start this Guide to see how to locate a Guide ID.

Good to know

  • Guides can only be triggered by a link if the snippet has been added to your source code.

  • You can include the link in your help articles (like we did above), in emails, or send them via your support chat.

  • If you have different subdomains for different clients, you will need to adapt the URL for each of them as explained above. 

How to start a Guide with a custom JavaScript trigger

Read this article to learn how to start a Guide with a custom trigger.