Share Guides directly with a link

Why use it

Use a link to direct your users to a specific Guide. Each Guide has one unique ID.

You can use this link for all your users; when clicked, they are redirected to the default URL that you have set up in the application settings. The linked Guide starts at the default URL.

Where to find it

Click on the Guide and then on Triggers:

How to trigger a Guide on a different URL

You have 2 options:

Option 1)

Add this to the trigger link: "?redirectTo=thespecificURL". Replace thespecificURL with the URL where you want the Guide to start.


Option 2)

Add "?userlaneStart=12345" to your URL. Replace the number 12345 with the ID of the Guide you want to trigger.

💡 Good to know

  • Guides can be triggered by a link if the snippet has been added to your source code or in browser extension implementation cases as long as the recipient is authenticated as an end user (via SSO or user import).
  • You can include the link in your help articles, in emails, or send them via your support chat.
  • If you have different subdomains for different clients, you will need to adapt the URL for each of them as explained above. 
  • Please note that some applications define specific redirect URLs. In such cases, you might get automatically redirected to a different URL as defined in redirectTo. This is a setting on your application and can not be adjusted by Userlane.
  • For Option 2: if your URL contains a hash character (#), you need to add the Userlane code before the hash, example: 

How to start a Guide with a custom JavaScript trigger

Read this article to learn how to start a Guide with a custom trigger.

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