Fixes and Improvements - July

Portal improvements 

Customization & Design

  • Smaller UI improvements, e.g. paddings have been adjusted in the HEART Analytics pages.
  • Smaller UI updates of buttons in the Portal.


  • The date picker in the Portal now uses "Current month", "Previous month" and "Last 3 months", and it automatically calculates the "Last 30 days", "Last 60 days" and "Last 90 days".

  • The date picker now contains new options for "Yesterday" and  the "Last 7 days".

Editor improvements


  • We improved the support of the Editor on smaller screens.
  • We updated the Tags overview page to include the case when there are no Tags.
  • We added additional improvements for the "appendtoTarget" setting to support more complex scenarios.


  • We removed the dark background and element highlight when Managers pause the recording.
  • The help docs icon is now linked to individual content pages.
  • We removed the pop-over from Tooltips and Tags that have a title that is not truncated.
  • Empty states were improved in the Player for empty chapters and announcements. 



  • Password managers now work with our Portal login form. 
  • We fixed some wordings in Announcements.


  • The content attached to elements located in Cross-Origin iFrames can now be visualized and interacted with by end users.
  • You can now reselect the position for Hints with an icon that have auto-position enabled.
  • The lists of page and user segments are now correctly shown when the Manager navigates to another page or changes the language.
  • Long words and links get correctly wrapped in tooltip text boxes.
  • You can preview from a skip step if the element is found on the page.
  • When refining the selector or positioning the step, you can no longer interact with step settings and the underlying application.
  • Hints with icons close when hovering away in a Guide.
  • We fixed the cursor behavior when hovering over the alerts column header.
  • Drop-downs located inside the Editor all use the same UI now.
  • The keyboard shortcut labels for Any Value Steps are now correctly displayed in the step box.
  • The options menu now closes when interacting with one of its elements.
  • The pop-overs for Contributors have been updated in the step options section.
  • Contributors can now edit the title of a Tooltip.
  • The options menu in the Guide List view no longer overlaps with the Delete Guide pop-up.
  • The “+” Add Media button was removed from the alignment mode.
  • We fixed an issue causing the Editor buttons to inherit the custom design color.
  • We fixed an issue where the content selector was not saved in the code selector.
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