Userlane Editor

What is it

The Editor is the Userlane component used to record and edit your content (Guides and Tooltips). It requires interaction with an external application. The Editor is the primary tool for content creation (Guides and Tooltips) within the application.

ℹ️ The Editor's structure displays the content overview vertically (left aligned) in this way you can easily scroll down and preview your steps when working on a Guide with many steps. 

How to Open Editor

1. Implement Userlane. Check out this article to learn about our implementation options. 

2. For enabling Editor you need to add an underlying Application within the Portal. Sign into Portal > Click on the Application Dropdown button > Settings > Application URLs > + Add Application URL.

3. Check out this article on how to access Editor 

What to create with Editor

In Userlane Editor you can create the content that needs to be created directly on your Application and needs interaction with your Application's elements. You can create Guides that are interactive step-by-step processes or Guides within the application or Tooltips that are ways to add explanations to an element within the application for your users. 

More options while you are using Editor

There are some extra functionalities added to the Editor to make your Editing experience smoother. There is a sidebar that includes 3 options: 

  1. Click on the Userlane icon to go back to the Portal directly from Editor
  2. Click on the Guide icon to check all your existing Guides
  3. Click on the Tooltip icon to check all your existing Tooltips

On the top, you can see a search bar there quickly you can search for any Guide, Chapter, or Tooltip and you can avoid scrolling down. 

You can close the Editor by clicking on the x icon in the top right corner or if you do not need to exit the Editor you can minimize the Editor by clicking on the two arrows icon next to the x icon. When the Editor is minimized you will see this on your application: 

and you will be able to use your application without the need to record or edit anything. As well, while the Editor is minimized you can click on the arrow to move it up and down the minimized Editor in case you need to work on this area of the application. When you require to go back to the editing mode just click on the purple two arrows icon and that would open the Editor again and you can keep recording or editing. 

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