HEART Analytics

HEART Analytics

We would like to introduce you to a unified adoption metrics tool: HEART score.  Overall, it tells you if users are using software to its full potential and in return maximizing the value that software was designed to bring. With the HEART framework, we are providing you with an effective way to learn more about digital adoption insights. 

HEART is a user-centred metrics framework. It was developed by Google to evaluate the quality of the user experience. Our idea was to adjust this framework for tracking digital adoption efforts across all your applications.  

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Why use HEART

By better understanding digital adoption, you will be able to know which aspects of your applications are performing well and what could be improved. You can identify the part of the system that is not being utilized and have the data-backed decisions about what content needs to be created with Userlane to engage your users.

We help you to get the most out of applications and to understand the impact and risks in terms of digital adoption. 

HEART score describes this by answering the questions below: 

“H” HappinessUsers are satisfied with the application and are likely to recommend it.NPS, SurveysRead more
“E” Engagement

Users interact with the application actively.

Engaged sessions
Average session duration
Read more 
“A” AdoptionUsers come to the application and utilize it broadly.Users Growth Rate
App Coverage
Read more 
“R” RetentionUsers keep coming back to the application.Retention rate
Read more 
“T” Task successUsers accomplish their Tasks.Tag InteractionRead more 

How are scores rated?

We are using a 5-point scale for every letter's assessment. Each score will have the following ranges: Very low (0-20), Low (21-40), Fair (41-60), High (61-80), and Excellent (81-100). 

💡 Good to know

  • These metrics support each other.
  • If users are returning to your app, it usually means they find value in it. 
  • Good engagement will lead to faster and better task completion.
  • It is common to wait at least 1 month to gain insightful metrics.

How to enable and disable HEART?

To enable HEART for your application, navigate to Settings > Analytics Settings and turn on HEART for all or just some applications. You can also stop the tracking anytime. 

It is good to know that if you go to your General settings and disable the "Switch Userlane on/off" toggle, then the HEART tracking will also stop working. 


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