Capability comparison / limitations for Self-Hosting Mode

Here you can find an overview of what is available in Self-Hosting mode compared to Userlane hosted.

HEART Analytics
The ability to gain insight into the usage of an application, identify issues, increase user satisfaction, and ultimately improve the ROI.
Content Analytics
The ability to measure and understand the performance of your Userlane content.
The ability to measure the usage of the specific elements/features within the external application.
Tooltips (Hints and Beacons)
The ability to explain and highlight individual elements within an application.
Interactive Guides

Step by step guidance through a process or workflow in an underlying app.

Data Validation
Help Managers validate users' input.
Push notification to users announced within the external application, including Welcome Slide, Announcements, NPS Survey.
Userlane Assistant

A support menu that overlays the underlying app and provides access to the Userlane features.

Help menu in the Assistant

A tab menu within the Assistant where managers can connect external help documentation or external support assistance (e.g., link to ticket form)

Page Segmentation

Functionality that allows content to be targeted to a specific page in an application.

Guide links to share on request

The ability to provide a URL that links directly to starting a Guide within the application.

Userlane JS API

The ability to export data.

Basic User Segmentation
The ability to target specific content to groups of users. Basic capability uses tags to define user segments.
Advanced User Segmentation
The ability to target specific content to groups of users. Advanced capability uses user attributes to define user segments, which can be imported into Userlane or automatically added via SSO.
Visual progress tracking for the individual users
Showing end-users completion status of individual Guides and Chapters
Guide promotion
The ability to provide users with a push notification in the Userlane Assistant to complete a specific Guide.
Search in the Assistant
The ability to search for content in the Userlane Assistant (Guides, Announcements, Knowledge Base articles)
Knowledge base integration
The ability to connect Userlane with external knowledge bases and present the content in the Userlane Assistant.

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