What is Userlane?

Userlane is a no-code Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) designed to maximize software adoption by allowing anyone to master any software instantly. From software rollouts to onboarding, ongoing employee training, and customer support, our user-centric approach helps enterprises increase software acceptance and simplify and automate processes.

Our all-in-one solution

Engage: Our content creation engine enables you to create interactive step-by-step guides in your live app within minutes. Instantly announce updates, start surveys and promote specific topics.

Learn: Our Analytics dashboard gives you real-time visibility into user behavior, engagement, and adoption trends in one single place. See how your guidance performs and iterate fast to get the best results.

Connect: Choose an integration to provide your users instant access to content from a knowledge base, support channel, or other enterprise systems directly in your applications – exactly where and when your users need it most. 

Who can use it 

Userlane can be used by any organization that wants to facilitate web-based software rollouts, streamline training, and empower employees to learn better, and faster.

If you are new to Userlane and want to learn more about how we can solve your digital tool onboarding and adoption needs, see our platform use cases at Userlane.com. 

Learn more

To help you get started, you can refer to our other Get Started help articles to learn more about our features. If you want to speak with us about how Userlane can answer your needs, why not schedule a demo with one of our product experts. We are always happy to help.

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