Analytics privacy settings

Our analytics privacy settings enable you to select the level of event tracking that you need to help you build a clear picture of how your users are engaging with the Userlane platform and how well your applications are being adopted. 

The privacy settings are available in both our browser extension and snippet integrations. They work on multi- and single-page applications, though the raw events generated around page navigations might differ. This difference affects only how we will calculate the app adoption metrics, and does not affect any Userlane or host application functionalities. 

ℹ️  Userlane does not track user inputs (what a user types in the text field), only the general activity events. If you have enabled an integration to a knowledge base or other enterprise system, we only track search activity in the Assistant; not interactions with the content or the host application.

To view the Privacy Settings page, select Settings from your Application dropdown, then select Privacy in the left sidebar. You can choose between Basic (interactions with Userlane only) and Advanced (Basic, plus anonymous event tracking for your underlying app).

Basic (Default)

What do we track?

Our Basic anonymous event tracking captures interactions with Userlane such as a Guides started, Assistant opened, or Announcement viewed. 

How do we process the data?

The raw events are stored in our servers and used to calculate aggregates that help you improve your Userlane content. All the data collected is in accordance with our Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

What does the data show you?

Calculations from the data are available in Userlane's Analytics dashboard reports. They represent insights such as completion rate and conversation rate. Reports are provided for Guides (with step analysis), Announcements, and the Welcome Slide. You can use these insights to improve your content and how you deliver it.


What do we track?

App analytics is our new analytics feature that allows you to track your application's adoption and user performance. In addition to our Basic event tracking, Advanced tracking captures interactions in your underlying applications including clicks (numbers only, not 'what' is clicked), URL changes, and URL views. A detailed list is provided below. When enabled, this option records raw events for tracked user interactions, regardless of whether any other Userlane feature is enabled, e.g. Guides, or Announcements.

Advanced tracking events
User InteractionExample event sent to Userlane
A user loads the application by the browser Back or Forward buttons
"action": "back_forward"
A user loads the application by any other means (clicking on the application URL elsewhere, copy-pasting the application URL in the browser address bar)
"action": "navigate"
A user reloads the application by clicking the browser Refresh button
"action": "reload"

A user clicks an element in the application

"action": "click"

A user right-clicks an element in the application 

"action": "rightClick"

A user scrolls within the page

"action": "scroll"
The browser tab containing the underlying app becomes inactive (because the user switches to a different tab)
"action": "hideAppWindow"
The browser tab containing the underlying app becomes active (because the user switches tab)
"action": "showAppWindow"
A user changes URL on a single-page application (via application router or manual change in the browser address bar)
"action": "changeUrl"
URL exceptions

If you want to prevent tracking on a specified URL, you can add it to the exceptions list. Click Manage Exceptions then click Add Exception. Use the Manage Exceptions page to add and remove URLs to the exception list as needed.

How do we process the data?

The raw events are stored in our servers and used to calculate aggregates that help you improve your Userlane content and understand how well your application is being adopted. All the data collected is compliant with our Data Processing Agreement (DPA). Advanced tracking relies on cookies saved on the host application under domain name. The use of this cookie is declared in

What does the data show you?

Calculations from the data are rendered in Userlane's Analytics dashboard reports. Our App analytics provides insights for your underlying application to help you evaluate how well it is being adopted and where you can improve onboarding and engagement.


The feature, as currently implemented, only tracks user interactions in the underlying application’s main HTML document. It does not track user interactions in iframes contained within this document. We are currently planning to add tracking to same-origin iframes.

It is not possible to track user interactions in cross-origin iframes.

Browser compatibility 

On modern browsers (see browser compatibility), Userlane analytics also distinguish when browser window buttons are used to load or navigate to the host applications. On incompatible browsers, we do not distinguish how the host application is loaded, but we do track when the host application is loaded.

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