AI & Data Security

At Userlane, we understand the importance of transparency, security, and privacy, when it comes to handling your data and utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

We are committed to follow these principles:

1. Your data is your data

Your data belongs to you, and we treat it with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

2. Always secure

We employ robust security measures to ensure that your data is always secure, whether it's in transit or at rest.

3. Never shared with 3rd parties

Your privacy is paramount. We never share your data with third parties, ensuring complete confidentiality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you utilize AI? 

Yes, we utilize advanced AI technologies, including large language models and proprietary machine learning models, to enhance our services.

What provider do you use? 

We leverage the Azure OpenAI service hosted within our own infrastructure, tailored to your location or preferred data residency region.

 ℹ️ As Microsoft partners, we utilize Azure OpenAI services for some applications. This is an enterprise service provided by Microsoft and should not be confused with OpenAI's own offerings. Azure OpenAI service is a private deployment of OpenAI models that runs inside our own infrastructure and shares no data with OpenAI or any other third party.

How is data handled?

Like with any other of our services, your data is exclusively used and/or stored within our private tenant in Azure, guaranteeing its security and confidentiality.

Do you use customer data for training AI models?

No, we do not use customer data to train our AI models. We prioritize the privacy and security of our users' information.

Is it in compliance with AI related regulations? 

We are proactive in adhering to regulations such as the EU AI Act long before it entering into effect, prioritizing the safe and responsible use of AI. 

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