Fixes and Improvements - June

Portal improvements 


  • We removed duplicate headers to streamline the design on certain pages in the Userlane Portal.

  • We added the option to repeat Announcements automatically at weekly and bi-weekly intervals.

Scalability & Performance

  • We upgraded core services for our analytics to the latest versions to improve performance and resolve vulnerabilities.

Technical & other improvements

  • We improved how the HEART scores are calculated for the all-apps page so that HEART scores will be shown as long as there was activity for that application in the past 90 days.

  • We improved how the Engagement page in HEART measures the time users spend on a page by adding additional checks.

Editor improvements

Technical & other improvements

  • We improved the way in which Userlane interacts with Cookiebot.

Technical improvements

  • We improved the way in which the new Userlane Browser extension handles the SSO authentication process.



  • We fixed an issue where the User Import would not complete if an attribute in the upload file existed but was in an archived state.

  • We fixed an issue where users with the role Contributor could see the User Segments filter for analytics but not successfully filter with them.


  • We fixed an issue causing linked Guides to Tooltips to crash under specific circumstances.


  • We've enhanced our data-deletion and anonymization process, ensuring even greater security and compliance with GDPR standards. Your data protection is our top priority.

  • We continuously squash security vulnerabilities as they are discovered, ensuring our platform remains robust and secure.

  • We have enhanced the URL Exceptions list logic to cover more specific scenarios.

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