Fixes and Improvements - February

Portal improvements 


  • We improved and synchronized fonts and styles across NPS and Survey previews.

  • We removed the ‘New’ label from App Discovery.

  • We improved how long URLs are displayed in the URL tables for the Engagement and Adoption pages, and allowed the full URL to be viewed on hover.

Technical improvements

  • We improved the analytics date picker so that previous date selections (e.g. the past 30 days) are now properly reflected when switching to a custom date range.

  • We improved the URL processing algorithm for the Engagement and Adoption pages in HEART to accommodate for complex URL patterns in MS Dynamics.

  • We improved the export handling for large amounts of data. Content exports with 20-40 languages, and 100-1K guides is now more reliable. These export capabilities ensure customers can access and leverage content for backups, internal workflows, or any other purpose seamlessly.

Editor improvements

Customization & Design

  • We updated the design of the well-done check mark shown when a Guide is completed.

Performance & Stability

  • We now allow the use of the CTRL button instead of ALT to enter the pause mode when recording content. For more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Technical improvements

  • When a Tooltip is appended to the target element (appendToTarget is set to true), that Tooltip will also be isolated in a Shadow Dom. This way, we limit the impact of the underlying app’s styling on the Tooltip.



  • We fixed an issue causing the Alignment and Automation settings to be overwritten if the Guide was updated in the Portal.
  • We fixed an issue where if you had no published Surveys, the loading state for the Surveys list on the Happiness page would continue forever.

  • We fixed an issue where Chapter titles were not being updated immediately after editing. 

  • We fixed an issue where applications shown on the multi-app dashboard had the wrong loading state.

  • We resolved an issue preventing moderators and contributors from accessing Personal details and Team Management pages.


  • Line breaks are now correctly applied in the Guide exit confirmation view if texts are long.
  • We fixed a broken link located in the Tags section of the Editor.

  • We fixed an issue causing the Editor to close on specific pages.

  • We fixed an issue causing the Guide to close when interacting with a certain type of module.

  • We fixed an issue causing the Refine Selector section to close when a comma was manually added to the selector value.

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