Implement a command to open the Assistant

About opening the Assistant

Usually, a user opens the Assistant by clicking the Assistant icon (avatar) that is visible in one corner of the screen. 

In some cases you might want to decide by whom and where Userlane content should be seen and want to show Userlane only when a user clicks on a specific element.

You might want to in general hide Userlane on specific pages (read here on how to set this up) and then want to 

  • open the Userlane Assistant when clicking on a specific button (e.g. a ‘Help’ or ‘Interactive Support’ button in your application)
  • open the Userlane Assistant when activating a toggle

Why use it

By using this command, you can 

  • provide interactive guidance and support to users precisely when they need it, 
  • enhance the user experience and 
  • improve onboarding and navigation within the application.


This option is only available 

  • if your application has the Userlane Snippet implemented
  • your developers have added the openAssistant command to the specific button/toggle 

Dev Task: Implement the openAssistant command

Add the following command to the element (e.g. ‘Help’ or ‘Interactive Support’ button). 

When clicked, the Assistant is triggered in the same manner as clicking the avatar.

// open the Userlane Assistant  

This command will immediately open the Assistant.

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