Release Note - Improved HEART scores

What is new

Instead of visually presenting the scores with circles, we've transitioned to using a speedometer to represent your main scores for HEART letters. Currently, we are using a 5-point scale for every letter's assessment. Previously we've used a 4-point scale.

New scores for each letter have the following ranges: Very low (0-20), Low (21-40), Fair (41-60), High (61-80), and Excellent (81-100).

How to find it

Go to your HEART page: /analytics/heart/overview

ℹ️ Please keep in mind that we use a 4-point scale for NPS results to ensure consistency with industry standards for NPS. We grade NPS in the 4 point scale: Poor (-100-0), Good (0-30), Great (31-70) and Perfect (71-100).

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