Release note - contrast and color updates

Inclusive design for all users

We want everyone to be able to access our end-user solutions equally. Contrast and color are important in this regard and we want to be inclusive and readable for all our users. 

Color accessibility enables people with visual impairments or color vision deficiencies to interact with digital experiences in the same way as their non-visually-impaired counterparts.

So, as of November 24th we updated the contrast of elements within the assistant as well as within step boxes of our interactive guides.

Therefore, we adjusted some of the element color intensity to reach this goal.

As an example on the left side you see what it looked like before and on the right side, the updated version:

In a nutshell what elements have been addressed with contrast changes remarkably?

  • Assistant navigation bar

  • Some text labels (mainly subtitles)

  • List icons

  • Announcement category color

Additionally - as colors are so important - we want you to be able to have your company colors represented all over your Guide. 

So from now on your primary colors will be reflected in some outstanding elements as well, e.g. the border of an element.

In a nutshell what elements are connected to the primary color additionally?

  • Navigation bar icons

  • Chapter progress bar + chapter arrow

  • Back button

  • Guide CTA button

  • Announcement CTA button, primary and secondary links

  • Search icon, search result CTA buttons and external link graphics

  • Guide link box (only for the new react player

  • Announcement push navigation buttons

  • Assistant branding link

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